Friday, September 23, 2011

A new blog...

If you are avid fans of me, you might remember a blog I had about the thrilling life of a graduate student. My posts ceased about last February, when the workload of writing a thesis, reading my booklist, oh yes, and planning a wedding became too much. I did, in fact, conquer all three things. I passed my MA exam and wrote a successful thesis on Charles Chesnutt's The Marrow of Tradition. I graduated. I moved to Shorewood. And, I got married!

At first glance, my life might appear a little boring. I have a job, a flat, a husband. And as a former graduate school colleague ever-so-politely alluded to, I don't use my brain anymore.

While I use my brain quite a bit on a daily basis, I don't read and write in the same way. So, I am going to blog again. I am joining a book club, so I might post about such things related to books (which is similar to the old blog). I might talk about being married, funny things I see on a daily basis (someone picking a dead bird up and throwing it at a friend, yes that was yesterday), my favorite TV shows, and my travels. This blog is for me to keep my fingers and brain nimble, but let's face it, it is also for you and your border-line voyeuristic tendencies.I must confess, this blog might also become a "What's going on with the Cunninghams?" blog. No one is really excited about the new Facebook layout, and who wants to revert back to e-mail to stay in touch? Maybe I can even get my husband to be a guest blogger as he fulfills his part of the read more books!