Monday, April 29, 2013

New York City

This past weekend I traveled to New York City with one of my best friends. We had both been to the city before, so relaxing while taking in the city was a top priority. We also had beautiful was almost too we tried to spend as much time outside, taking in the city.

Although it wasn't my first time in the city, it was my first time taking in a Broadway show. We were lucky enough to see the 2012 Tony Best New Musical Once. I loved the movie the show was based on and I was more than impressed with the show. If are in NYC, I highly recommend it.

Some of our activities included walking the Brooklyn bridge (which was unfortunately under construction), taking in the Chelsea outdoor market, and walking the high line. We also spent a lot of time sampling cocktails at neat beer gardens and restaurants. And eating. Eating pizza, hot dogs, aged manchego, lobster ravioli, and pastrami sandwhiches.

Overall, it was a great weekend, even the trip to the airport! A weekend exploring a city with a best friend is a weekend well spent.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Life in Milwaukee Lately

I just realized that I have written any updates in over 3 weeks. My apologies. Here are the highlights from month of April.

1. The Rumpus Room - This gastro pub is in the bottom of the building I work in and I have had some wonderful lunches there. It's real niche, however, is late night dinning. My parents were in town and after a show we headed over to The Rumpus Room for some drinks and snacks--I loved the spicy popcorn. It was a great atmosphere and I recommend it after any event downtown.

2. The Mitchell Park Domes - We visited this horticultural conservancy on my birthday. If you have never been, the Mitchell Park Domes are part of the Milwaukee County Park System and a great way to spend a few hours when the weather outside is less than enjoyable.

3. The Odd Duck - Best. restaurant. ever. Stephen and I also wandered around Bayview on my birthday and had a fabulous small plates birthday dinner at this new restaurant. Every dish I had was delicious...I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried (maybe the stuffed bell peppers with herbs and feta). I recommend checking it out as soon as possible--but make a reservation. It is a popular place.

4. Clock Shadow Creamery and Purple Door Ice Cream - These two wonderful dairy entities share a shop space in Walkers Point. Certain days Clock Shadow makes cheese and on the other days Purple Door makes ice cream. The fresh cheese curds are delicious. But my favorite, the ice cream. It is delicious, creamy, and I haven't met a flavor that I don't like (from whiskey to chocolate). Proceeds from Purple Door (a non-profit) goes to providing milk to homeless shelters in the area. If you can't make to Walker's Point, head to your local Sendik's and pick up a pint.

5. Antiques on Second - Do you have an hour? Or a whole day? I am not a big antiquer, but Stephen and I have frequented this antique store twice in the past month. We have picked up a few old books and albums for our record player.

We have had a fun April in Milwaukee! What are your favorite things to do in Milwaukee in the springtime?

Monday, April 1, 2013

50 Miles

Visit to register if you are looking for a spring race
I think I have mentioned this before, but Stephen and I are going to be completing both a half marathon and full marathon this year. We have always run regularly but since our last half marathon (back in 2009, yikes!), we have struggled to do much more than the occasional 5 mile run. We have kind of plateaued at the average 3-4 mile run.

We are back on the running wagon. Our first event is the Madison half marathon Memorial Day weekend. As part of our training we have already completed a 9 mile run and we have an 11 mile run on the docket for Saturday. All this running has been completed in pretty crappy weather, as well.

At the recommendation of one of our friends, we are keeping track of our mileage this year. Every time we run, even it is 1/2 mile and we are just too cold and tired to do more, we log it. This has led to some interesting motivation. I don't want to write down a small mileage amount, and it pushes us to get out and run when we might be inclined to skip the shorter runs. January, for example, was a bad month and we only ran 4 times. And we documented this. And see it every time we write down our mileage.

Last night I totaled up our mileage for the month of March. My friends, we ran 50 miles! I am hoping to match that in April, and it can only get easier as it gets warmer, right?

Any runners out there have any tricks for holding themselves accountable to put in the miles?