Sunday, August 5, 2012

My favorite athlete...

is Michael Phelps.
Best Butterflyer, EVER! Photo courtesy of ESPN
I love the Olympics, and I love Michael Phelps. I remember coming to my Olympic consciousness in 1996. I remember Michael Johnson, the bombing, Gary Hall, Jr. and hearing the stories my babysitter told after she attended the games.

 However, since then Michael Phelps has dominated "my Olympics." Being a swimmer growing up and all through high school, hands down swimming is my favorite part of the Olympics. I love watching the sport, and it is always under reported and televised. Slowly watching the Olympics and Michael Phelps became synonymous. I remember him coming on the scene in Sydney, coming to be well-known in Athens, dominating in Beijing, and now in London he had the time of his life.

Although I love my football and basketball, I love that the best athlete, most decorated Olympian is from my sport. As much as I would love to continue watching Phelps swim over the next four years and in Rio, I respect his ability to know when to exit (ahem, Brett Favre, Michael Jordan etc.).

So for right now, Michael Phelps is my favorite--and has been for sometime. I do see Missy Franklin swimming into the 2nd favorite spot.

And now I am off to catch up on my sleep after a week of watching every single swimming prelim, semifinal, and final race.