Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Vacation

Stephen and I just returned from our vacation at Cedar Rapids Lodge in northern Minnesota. (Check out the owner's blog, here.) Aside from spending time with family and friends, I enjoyed taking my first week of vacation days. As a graduate student, the summers were always flexible but you were expected to continue reading and writing. This time, I left work on a Friday afternoon and I didn't have to take work on the road. It was wonderful.

Our week was filled with lots of grilling out, building moats in the sand, swimming in the pool, playing impromptu wiffle ball games, and when the niece and nephew were napping: reading. For 6 days straight I absorbed more sun rays than were good for me--I love being tan! I read two novels, countless magazines, and tried to come up with new meal ideas from Bon Appetit and Cooking Light.

As sad as it was to say goodbye to vacation, I missed my house and I was anxious to see how my garden fared in my absence. I am looking forward to updating you on the growth of my eggplant.

Until next time, here is a picture from my favorite moment on vacation. I think they are making the same face at each other!