Monday, November 12, 2012

A concert a month or so ago...

I am now so far behind in blogging that I am writing about events from nearly a month ago. I know that this can only be a losing battle, especially with the holidays approaching.

Last month, Stephen and I went with our good friends, Tom and Maria, to see Brand Carlile in concert. It was a wonderful show at the Riverside Theater. It was our first time seeing Carlile as the main act and our first time at the Riverside (a landmark for Milwaukeans). Carlile and her band are extremely talented, and the song they did a capella and unplugged was very unique and awesome. Even the pouring rain before and after the concert couldn't dampen our just made us that much more thankful to be in a city with cabs.

Impromptu photo concert photo. Thank you iphone.
We had been anticipating the concert since August, and it was well worth the wait. Who knows when/what our next concert will be! In the meantime know we will be at all the home Marquette men's basketball games and it will be March Madness time before we know it!