Monday, April 7, 2014

Leopard Print

While I read quite a few fashion blogs, I have not put my fashion thoughts into this blog. Generally I have stuck to food, books, TV, travel and the occasional holiday. I see my blog as an attempt to scrapbook my life. I know what I like in style (and I know I like to find it cheaply) but I am not sure I want to get into recommending clothing. BUT... when you find a great recipe and tweak it or add something new to it, you want to share it. So I think I can recommend a pair of shoes. Or at least a certain pattern.

I have slowly collected a few pieces of animal print over the years: a shirt, a scarf, a dress, etc. Almost every article I acquire quickly becomes a favorite. I used to scoff when "the experts" would suggest that you wear animal print, especially leopard, as a neutral. Well, my friends, I have seen the light. I now own leopard flats (which I have been rocking for over a year) and I have recently acquired a pair peep-toe leopard heels.

These leopard pumps cost me $15, were an impulse buy (I wanted free shipping), and they are actually comfortable. Thank you, Target. (They might still be available here.) They have pulled me out of my boring black skirt = black shoes rut. They have allowed me to mix patterns. For example, today I am wearing a navy polka dot skirt with my leopard pumps.

You know that one person in your office--or anywhere in life--who ALWAYS looks put together, cutting-edge, sleek, AND you don't think she wears make up or styles her hair? Well, these shoes make me feel like that...professional and put-together for $15.

Maybe leopard print shoes won't do it for you, but I recommend giving them a try. Or do you have another recommendation for that article of clothing that makes you feeling like a million bucks? I'd love to hear it.

PS I apologize for assuming a certain high-heeled wearing demographic in my readers. Posts like this will not be the norm but I love these shoes and I am so jazzed to be blogging - maybe I will post 3x this month.