Thursday, June 19, 2014

May Highlights

Now that we are midway through June, it's about time for an update on the May happenings. May included our nephew's First Communion, a good friend's graduation from Marquette with an MA in political science, and finally being able to celebrate Mother's Day and my mom's birthday with an outing to Skylight's production of Hair. It was fabulous!

Stephen and I had some fun ourselves and checked a few items off the "nice weather" bucket list. We had our first mint julep's on Derby day, and I discovered I enjoy bourbon. One Saturday we ventured to the Schlitz Audobon Nature Center for some hiking and tower climbing. Later in the month we also explored Kenosha, which included the The Civil War Museum and riding a street car.

Top left: Stephen waiting for streetcar; Top right: Top of watch tower at the nature preserve;
Bottom: the streetcar
We were also able to imbibe at two different beer gardens and see our nephew play little league. All in all, a good month. May went by in a blur and June is going even faster.