Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cedar Rapids Lodge

Back in July Stephen and I headed out on a good ol' road trip to Tenstrike, Minnesota for a week at Cedar Rapids Lodge and some rest and relaxation.

We paused in the Twin Cities for some sushi time with my cousin, Colleen, before finishing the trek.
Colleen and I at the glamorous Mall of America
The week passed much too quickly. With potlucks, fish frys and a mother-in-law who loves to bake on vacation--I was never hungry. I basked in the sun and tried to read as much as I could. I also had nearly unlimited time with with my niece and nephews. Stephen organized countless games of baseball for the all the resort kids, we both snuggled our newest nephew, Walter, as much as possible, and enjoyed having the time to sit around and even take a few post-nap selfies.

Stephen, pitcher-extraordinaire

Post-nap waking up

All snuggles

I was able to visit with family and friends, many of whom I only see during this week every other year when we join Stephen's family on vacation.

After the rainiest day of vacation, we had this beautiful sunset

The upside of a day of downpours!
If you want to learn more about where we vacation every year, check out the nuts and bolts here or resort owner, Pat's blog here (also permanently linked on my blog). It's a wonderful place to vacation and make memories.