Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Follow up: Date Night Shorts

Friday night Stephen and I made it to our Milwaukee Film Festival event after sampling some tacos and margaritas at BelAir Cantina. The theater was packed and we had to crane our necks from the first row, but it was worth it.

The first film of the seven was my favorite. Who's Up (Quis De Nous Deux) was in French, and lately one my great pleasures has been films and shows with subtitles. Although NBC has recently canceled it, I can't recommend enough Greg Poehler's show Welcome to Sweeden. There is something so fun about the interplay between the language, the subtitles and the delivery by the actors--especially if you have a hint of understanding of the language.

Anyway, back to Who's Up. The film playfully addresses first dates, attraction, and chemistry while constrained by the realities of budgets and who pays for what. As you might guess, the phrase "Who's Up" plays with who pays and when during a date. It was laugh out loud funny and charming, all at once.

Stephen's favorite was In the Clouds. The film explores the standard love narrative - which the film posits is a distinctly American desire - of wanting a grand, surprise proposal. Check out the trailer below.

My favorite part of the series of seven shorts was how quickly the whole showing went by. I learned  something interesting about the characters in a focused way, but I never grew bored. The only disappointment for me in the films were that they all featured hetero-normative relationships.

You can still see the set of shorts on September 30 and then again on October 2. Get your tickets here. You won't be sorry!

I apologize for this posts brevity. The Film Festival website was having a hard time when I was drafting, so I had a hard time finding more trailers and I wanted to get this out ASAP!