Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swimming Adventures

I have always been a swimmer. At 8 years old I started on the Edgerton Summer Swim team. I swam every summer, joined the high school swim team, and achieved my lifeguard certification. I coached swim team and taught swim lessons.

After high school,  swimming became more an employment opportunity instead of a way to stay fit. A year and a half ago I reinstated swimming as I trained for my first triathlon. Unfortunately for me, the swimming portion of the race was way. too. short.

My relationship with swimming isn't just about the exercise. I love the Olympics and I love watching swimming (and it just isn't on TV enough). Even my husband has a healthy appreciation of Michael Phelps and we have toyed with going to the Olympic Trials in Omaha this June and July.

When Stephen and I joined our gym back in August, we were excited it had a pool. Now here we are in February, and we finally used it. It was Stephen's first time swimming laps EVER. Stephen is definitely a fit person, but he struggled with a full 50 (for you non-swimmers, that is down and back) without stopping. I also struggled with my first workout in a while - but I realized how lucky I am to have a background in swimming. It is hard.

Even though I was on a swim team that rarely ever won a meet - my skills have served me well. I can swim all four strokes. I can teach swimming. I can work out a great majority of all my muscles and still put little stress on my joints. Most importantly, when I don't want to run - I can swim. All of these things are hard for a non-swimming adult.

Our goal is to swim at least once a week - we'll see how it goes... My for next week - see if I can swim a 500.