Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes you just need to focus...

In a job interview, and in many other moments in life, "multi-tasking" is deemed good thing. Quite a few times I have responded to a question about my strengths and enumerated on how can I manage multiple tasks at one time. I am not doing a 360 and saying multi-tasking is bad, but it is not something that always needs to be done. As a beloved English teacher repeatedly told the class, "Know when and when not to."

In a work place, it is good to balance multiple projects. I know I could not have survived graduate school if I did not keep multiple research projects and reading assignments going at one time. In fact, I remember being in high school and reading 3 or 4 novels at a time--a few were for class and a few I read simply because I couldn't wait to read them. Lately at home, multi-tasking has started to look like me grabbing the laptop or iPad, sitting on the couch and then wondering where the night has gone and what I have actually accomplished. (Being updated on Facebook gossip does not count as an accomplishment, in this case.)

Whenever I need to relax, I think of this moment, and shirt from Friends.

Tonight, however, I am trying to focus on doing one thing at a time. My husband is gone on a little trip to NYC and I have a few nights to myself. I made myself a list of things that I want to get done and was about to take the laptop to the couch, turn on the TV and start checking the list off. Then I asked myself, why do I need to watch TV while I pay the bills? If I want to blog, why don't I focus on blogging? And really, as much fun as eating in front of the TV is, it is messier. I realized that I might get a lot more out of my relaxation time if I am actually able to do simply that...relax.

 Originally, I was not going to blog about multi-tasking, but I started writing and it felt cathartic. So, I have two posts in the works for all you readers. Stay tuned for:

1. A recipe for a citrus salsa to accompany a salmon entree.
2. Exciting news from my professional/career life

I hope to work hard on balancing many tasks, but also devoting adequate time to each and everyone of them. Call it a Lenten resolution--along with giving up soda...and ironing my clothes.