Thursday, April 26, 2012

Changes! Ah!

So, I am eating my lunch at my desk (which I shouldn't do) and trying to catch up on all my blogs. With my new job, I do a great job of following blogs but a sub-par job writing new posts. I apologize. Anyway, I went to log into my blogger and add a link to a new blog that I read, At Home on the Range, written by Stephen's cousin and her fiancé. And of course, the format has changed. Everything that I knew how to do has changed. And now I have spilled lunch on my pants and my desk.

Here's to say I am still alive, loving others' blogs. Hopefully you will soon hear about out trip to Chicago a few weeks ago and our attempt this Saturday to finally run the Crazylegs race in Madison. You will not hear about a horrible egg-salad we made last night (that I am suffering through right now). And hopefully I can fill you in on the book I am reading right now, Gathering of the Waters by Brenice McFadden.

PS I apologize for the font change. It won't change back!!!