Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is it spring yet?

Those tulips were the center-piece for my Oscar gathering on Sunday night. It wasn't anything too fancy, just laughing with a few friends, cringing at Seth MacFarlane, and eating lots of yummy food. The spread included chips and homemade salsa, chocolate covered strawberries, brie puff pastry with fruit, and a lovely warm shrimp dish on fresh bread. We decided that sometimes you just want to eat appetizers and snacks, not meals. And eat we did.

I had grand ideas for more themes related to the movies or the Oscars. I was even going to print out an  Oscar ballot, but we were out of printer ink. In the end, I landed on putting my tulips in a popcorn bowl. Festive, right? I guess I should have looked at Pinterest sooner than the day before! The tulips are still residing in the popcorn bowl four days later but I haven't the heart to move them into a different vase lest I disturb them and my touch of spring is gone. The husband and I are dreadfully tired of snow and can use any sign of spring we can get!

Aside from my tulips, I have a few springtime projects in the works for St. Patrick's Day and Easter that I will be sharing soon. How are you coping with the end of winter?