Friday, March 8, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Flag

I have had a few projects going lately. The first one to be finished, a St. Patrick's Day flag, is now proudly hanging on my back door. I set out to make an Easter flag, and I will, but with an extra piece of burlap and leftover green paint, I just had to make something for the Irish holiday!

When I started this flag project, I emailed my friend Cammie (her blog) about burlap. I knew she had done some crafting with it, and that she had sewing skills. My friends, I can barely sew a button on so my crafting endeavors oftentime stall out with the threat of sewing. She loved my idea and sent me two different textures of burlap flags. Thank you, Cammie.

My very patient husband and I headed to Michaels for the necessary supplies. Aside from the burlap for the flag, we needed some wood dowels, stencils, and paint (some of these supplies will be used for the other flag).

I have mentioned that we have been refinishing a shelf in a dark green paint (formally known as the color "Comfy Corduroy") so we used that paint for the dowels and shamrocks. I painted the dowels and the wood balls for the end. Then I found a shamrock stencil I liked online, printed it out and made multiple sizes out of cereal boxes. I traced the shamrocks onto the burlap--I had already tested the paint on a scrap of burlap, which I recommend--and filled them in with a combination of different brushes. I considered using the stencils like a stamp but I liked the worn look that came with the free-hand painting.

When I finish my Easter flag, I will share the inspiration behind the whole project. Until then, have a Guinness and enjoy the St. Patrick's Day festiveness. I sure am enjoying my flag!