Monday, March 11, 2013

Garrett's Popcorn

A combination of oh-so-yummy cheese and caramel popcorn is making me happy this week.

The yummy goodness, courtesy of Garrett's own blog.
This past week my in-laws headed to Chicago for a weekend getaway. They asked if we "needed" anything from Chicago. Upon their asking, I remembered how many people I have heard raving about this slightly unusual combination of popcorn flavors. While I was skeptical, I said if they ended up making a stop at Garrett's (an institution in Chicago that I knew they had previously frequented), I would love to try this combination. Well, they sweetly obliged and Stephen and I spent last night on the couch eating ourselves silly. 

Seriously, I am surviving this Monday post-one-hour-less-sleep-time-change with the end-goal of sitting down on the couch with my popcorn and television shows. To those of you who have known of this deliciousness, I apologize for being late to the party but I am here now! It is SO YUMMY!