Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reading notes

Lately, I have been reading a lot and writing very little. Sometimes that happens. Here are some reading suggestions.

1. This article. I am not in my 30s, but it applies. Especially the last paragraph.

2. The novel entitled Left Neglected by Lisa Genova. This novel was an impulse grab at the library. I was returning a book, needed a new book, was late leaving work and I still had another errand. I was very skeptical but I learned more about traumatic brain injury than I ever thought. Seriously, google the term "left neglect"and try to think about how it works.

3. Since I started this post I am on to a new novel, Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni. The premise of the novel is extremely difficult to explain, and I'll point you to the New York Times Book Review, although I am not sure I agree with the reviewers' conclusion. I highly recommend the first novel (in what will be a series of three), Angelology. These novels manage to combine art history, Catholicism, the study of angelology, detective work and so many other threads. They are just amazing and really challenge the mind while reading. A month ago I was lucky enough to see Danielle Trussoni speak and read an excerpt of Boswell Books. Also, she is a Wisconsin native!

4. Real Simple, Cooking Light, and Bon Appetit. Every month I receive all three of these publications. I constantly try new recipes keep me fresh in the kitchen. I absolutely hate getting in a meal rut. The challenge, however, is not to let them take over my life. I quickly get behind in issues, stack them somewhere, and soon my tidy magazine baskets are overflowing. My goal for today: sort through them, make notes for dinner ideas, and file the ones I want to keep.

Of course, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I might just have to get outside and not attend to any of it!