Thursday, June 13, 2013

Milwaukee County Parks

Disclaimer: I wrote this post Monday during my lunch and I ran out of time to post it. Hopefully it inspires you to get outside this weekend!

My husband and I spent a wonderful weekend outside. Although the temperature could have been a bit warmer, it was wonderful to be outside both Saturday and Sunday. In fact, I just realized that we visited 3 different Milwaukee County parks this weekend.

Saturday morning we ran through Lake Park and past the North Point Lighthouse. Saturday evening we visited Estabrook Park and Beer Garden with our friends Aaron, Emily, and Ziggy. Then on Sunday we met up with even more friends Andy, Megan, Tom, and Maria for some relaxation and Kubb at Veterans Park along the lake. (The link for Kubb takes you to the Wiki page, which if it is to be believed, states there is a yearly Kubb tournament in Madison every year. Sweet!)

As a renter and someone with a teeny, tiny yard, I appreciate the public park system. Especially when I have 3+ parks within a few miles of my home. Now if it would just warm up enough so I could visit one of our fine beaches, as well.

My park to do list:

  • Custard at Northpoint
  • Bradford Beach
  • Golf at Lake Park
  • Tour the Northpoint lighthouse