Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer foods

You may not have heard from me a lot this summer but I have found my way around the kitchen a few times. In fact, the cooler temps have led to more baking than usual.  Below are some favorites from my kitchen this summer.

  • Grilled peaches - The produce co-op I use often gives me peaches. They are not my favorite fruit, but when you slice them in half, fill the pit hole with brown sugar and throw them on the grill as you bring the meet inside, DELICIOUS.
  • Homemade pizza - This has been a nearly weekly occasion. I was able to make my own batch of pizza dough once, but I have not mastered it at all. However, the local Italian grocery store, Glorioso's is homemade (just not in my home) and there is always Trader Joe's for a decent crust. We generally make two types, with one always the margarita with tomato, mozzarella and basil. While our tomatoes are slowly readying themselves for harvest in our garden, the basil has been keeping us happy all summer.

    The first tomato
  • Strawberry muffins - During one glorious lunch hour, I was able to meet Stephen and attend the West town Farmer's Market here in Milwaukee. It was right at the end of peak strawberry season and I stocked up. And then I made some yummy strawberry muffins. I used whole wheat flour and added a few chocolate chips to make them a bit sweeter. They are dense and they kept me full for a few hours.

Strawberry muffin
  • Chocolate swirl buns - I love Annie's Eats for inspiration. She makes amazing food but also has 2 kids and a career, so I don't get intimidated when I read more complex recipes. If she has time to cook, then I can take the time. The dough for these buns did not go well and I almost threw them out. And they definitely didn't look as pretty as they did here but they were yummy!
Tonight I am anticipating baking some zucchini bread and cookies and as I plan for the weeks ahead, I am hoping for oodles of salsa, BLT's, caprese salads and even a little homemade tomato sauce canned for the first time ever!