Monday, January 26, 2015


A week ago (give or take a few hours), I was sitting in Jackson Square, eating a warm beignet, drinking an au lait, and blinking into a 67 degree sunny day.

Every day Stephen and I  were in New Orleans we enjoyed beignets. Jackson Square was the perfect way to consume beignets and the delicious po'boys. We weren't the only individuals with this idea. If you look behind me in the picture, you can see the piles of powder sugar dusting the ground.

I can best sum up our trip to New Orleans with the following words: eat, walk, sun, and museums.

Without reservation, I can recommend dining at Cochon (get a reservation weeks in advance), Atchafalya (Food Network Star's Chris is executive chef) and Commander's Palace (and unparalleled dining experience).

There are no shortages of museums in New Orleans. There are neat, smaller ones in the French Quarter on everything from the Battle of New Orleans to the lesser known fact that the first American pharmacy was in New Orleans. If you have several hours, take in The National World War II Museum. It is phenomenal and Smithsonian-like in it's scope.

My final recommendation, Buzz Nola and a bike tour. Stephen and I did the 3-hour long Southern Splendor tour and it was wonderful. I would have biked with our wonderful guide every day.

I hope to visit New Orleans again, there's so much food, music, and history to take in. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 days of a nearly tropical (to this Wisconsinite) weather and sublime food and culture with my husband.