Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello, 2015! Watch this at 27 seconds in and you'll get my tone. If I ever make it to New Jersey, I know the first thing that I will say.

I am welcoming 2015 in on the heels of a crazy-hectic-wonderful-exhausting-draining-work overload of a December. Obviously, the holidays were the wonderful part. The work part--the most crazy I have ever had in my career. And now, with a small reprieve and hindsight, I can say they were fulfilling days. Hard, but fulfilling days. I definitely learned a lot about myself and my profession along the way. And even more importantly...

....I did get my Christmas tree up

...I did make puppy chow...TWICE

...and I did spend time with family!

Needless to say, Christmas 2014 will always be memorable.

I am going to try to continue to make this blog a scrapbook of my life. In late 2014, I did not follow through on that too well, but I did create a stop-gap for poor blogging follow-through. I discovered Instagram as a nice way of keeping track of some of my favorite activities so feel free to find @megengscunningham.

Other resolutions include continuing to document my food and fitness choices each day. It helped me to stay healthy in 2014. I am also looking forward to being more deliberate with my time. Stephen and I did this well by choosing new restaurants and activities to do together. In 2015, this will also mean not checking our phones while watching a show together, choosing when to have screen time, etc. And finally, for practicality, every Monday will include 10 minutes of cleaning as much as I can (thanks, Real Simple).

As I hope to be a more active blogger, please let me know if there is something you would like to see more of.. A little structure never hurt anybody. And in the meantime, stay warm and say hello to 2015!