Friday, October 17, 2014

Walt Disney World

My first trip to Walt Disney World was three  years ago on my honeymoon. Last week, Stephen and I ventured back with his family and it was so much fun to watch our niece and nephews. If you follow me on any of my social media outlets, you might have seen these pictures.

I didn't manage to snag a picture at Epcot, but I was too busy eating. We were there during their Food and Wine show. I LOVE Epcot!

It was a great vacation. Each day included lots of hot sun, rides, a little pool time, and some good eats. And lots of smiles and laughter.

Who doesn't laugh when you take a selfie this poorly while on a faux African Safari?

Although it was still 90 degrees and sunny everyday, I didn't mind. Wisconsin didn't have a summer this year. Looking at all of the fall decorations made me eager for fall back home. Most of all, it was a true vacation. Although we were walking a lot (an average of 10 miles a day) and trying to cram every last ounce of fun in the day, it meant I had no time to think of work, real life, or anything but how to get to my next ride before the Fast Pass expired. It was kind of like being a kid again!