Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My First Garden

This past weekend I began to try my green thumb on something other than petunias or pansies (my favorite summertime annuals).

Friday, Stephen and I went and picked out our plants. I decided to grow heirloom tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, and cayenne peppers. I chose those vegetables because I know Stephen and I will consume them and because they will grow in pots.

I am not planting these veggies in the ground. Our yard has plenty of beds—even a raised one that would be perfect—but they have not seen love for years. Our upstairs neighbor is “in charge” of them, but it is taking some time to get all of them in order. For the sake of time, I decided to grow my first batch of vegetables in pots. (My neighbor and I are also going to be sharing an herb garden as well, I will update you once the herbs arrive).

Thus far, I have remembered to keep them watered—we are on day 4. I have also noticed someone or something is already eating my green pepper plant leaves. Last night a friend suggested steeping cayenne powder in water and spraying it on the plant. I’ll try it out today or tomorrow and let you know.

I wish I did not have to wait 65-80 days to see progress. I am anxious for my homegrown vegetables. Anyone else growing a garden? Any tips?

Let's hope they survive while we are gone for 5 days in North Dakota!