Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What is making me happy this week

Every week I listen to a pop culture podcast entitled Pop Culture Happy Hour. At the end of each episode all of the hosts, who are a variety of editors and writers from NPR, go around and choose a pop culture item that makes them happy. There is a catch, it has to be something that the average person has access to.

So, I am going to spice up my blog and try a similar thing every week. This week's item: the pop culture podcast. Today I caught up on two weeks of episodes and I was struck, again, by how it makes me feel intelligent and well-informed while also challenges me and provides some thoughtful stimulation that does not often happen post graduate school. Check it out!


PS. On a side note, if the visual effects of this post seem a little clunky, I apologize. I am trying out composing posts in a new app. As you can see, links don't look too great!