Thursday, December 19, 2013

Are you ready for Christmas?

10 days ago I was decrying how few season's greetings had been sent. My Christmas card display looked like this:

As of yesterday's deluge of 8 cards, I can't even see my back door through all the beautiful photos and sentiments. Sending and receiving holiday cards might be one of my favorite traditions - I love to be thrifty but I will shell out obscene amounts of money in stamps to say: Merry Christmas, I'm thinking of you!

Last evening I went to a Christmas program for my niece and nephew and then raced home to commence making puppy chow. Although I have baked some for the holidays, I limited myself this year to gifts of gingerbread and puppy chow for snacking. I decided there won't be an absence of sweets anywhere, and they don't need to live at my house!

I still have some gifts to wrap, but they will get done (I HATE WRAPPING!). More importantly, I have watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Family Stone, and Love Actually. In fact, I have watched some corny Hallmark movies as well.

This evening I have 3 different holiday festivities and 2 different gatherings this weekend. Despite feeling overwhelmed I am reminding myself that soon if will be over, the decorations will come down and soon it will be bleak January and February. It's less about being ready (cooking, cleaning, wrapping) for Christmas and more about being ready to enjoy (even the wrapping) the experience of Christmas.

And with that corny realization, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Also, my post from around this time last year still holds true. It helps me enjoy every moment of this crazy, wonderful, snowy, joyful and stressful season.