Friday, January 20, 2012

Lemons, Lemonade

Here in Wisconsin we have been extremely lucky in the snow department. We didn't get our first real snow until we were well into January. This season contrasts with the not-so-unusual snow on Halloween. There is nothing like dressing up as a ballerina with a parka and snow boots. Despite the late start with the snow, every 3-4 days we have been getting our fair share of snow. My husband takes his snow-shoveling responsibilities very seriously and spends the days leading up to the snowfall grousing over how he will have enough time to shovel, if he will get home in time, etc.

In addition to the 3-6 inches of snow we have been worrying about, we have also had a cold snap. This cold snap has required us to play musical cars. We have one garage space and a driveway space directly behind it. Generally, Car #2 (my car) lives in the garage and is used when I need to drive to work or Stephen is gone. Car #1 is our main car, used the most, and in the best condition. It lives outside. However, it has needed a new battery. We made an appointment for 8:30 am this morning. We parked Car #1 in the garage last night, as we did several nights this week.

Before I get to the drama of the morning, here is one more piece of information. Because of the snow, I packed up all of my work and decided to work from home. This meant sleeping in and working in my pajamas.

So, begin "snow day." My husband's alarm goes off. I roll over to go back to sleep. Even though I only get 20 extra minutes, it made a difference. In my half-sleep I hear my husband go out to start the cars and move them around. Somehow I am dead asleep and cold air rushes at me as I dream of my cup of coffee, the newspaper, and the Today show. I hear, "Meghan, the Honda won't start." Before I know what has happened I am in the driveway trying to start the car - this wouldn't be so bad if I had any kind of car skills and it was a mild 70 degrees.

The irony: we can't take Car #2 in for it's appointment at the car doctor because the car we thought was healthy is now sick, if not dead. The conversation Stephen had with car guys, explaining why he would be late, was priceless: "I have an 8:30 appointment...I can't come in because my other car...."  In the end, the AAA guy came. Turns out, Car #1 also needs a battery (this could be the really lemony part). However, the battery has started to corrode and without having the jump the car, we might have needed $600 cables instead of a $100 batter (enter lemonade). Additionally, Stephen and the AAA guy bonded over Volvos (Car #2). The AAA guy loves them, like my husband. They exchanged phone numbers.

So, more lemons. The Volvo battery costs more. Lemonade: we can get a deal on the Honda battery. Lemons: I have not gotten any work done yet today. Lemonade: It is not snowing yet, I have read the newspaper and am in my pajamas. Even better? My husband is coming home from work early and we are going to hunker down in the snow storm and watch movies. And what is better than that?