Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A small work victory

I don't write about work here much - if ever. Today, I would like to share a small story of success and give a little shout-out. Technology came through for me today!

In my capacity as Assistant Coordinator-Communications Specialist I do a little of everything, this includes designing flyers. These flyers don't have to be anything fancy (thank goodness, since I have zero experience in graphic design), but they do have to provide information and get writers into the Center.

Today my first victory was a loose-leaf paper template that Microsoft offered for the flyer background. This allows me to "brand" the Center a bit more and take the themes of our brochures (which we paid good money to have designed) and produce a flyer we can actually afford to reprint. Also, our new website will have same themes in its header. Here's hoping for the launch next week...

The real victory came after my director approved the overall theme and wanted me to add Twitter and Facebook icons instead of the cumbersome writing of "Like" and "Follow us." This sent me into the world of free social media icons. Turns out - graphic designers actually create these for free - and you can use them...without breaking any copyright laws. YES! So, as my way of giving back I invite you (if you have social media icon needs) to visit this clearing house called the Design Cubicle and my savior, Blue Spoon Graphics.

And there is the final (almost) product. It will be in black ink, printed on a yellow/cream page. Enjoy my day's work.